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Igniting the Passion to Serve the People

The beginning of a leadership journey Fire, a symbol of passion and desire, has been the mark of Regina Monsayac-Pabalate’s leadership. At a very young age, that fire was ignited by her parents as her father was once a practicing lawyer while her mother became support for her father’s profession as his assistant. The time she spent with them kept her young fire burning. However, it was also her parents […]

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Immersing and to Becoming a Leader

The beginning of a leadership journey The path to becoming a leader does not always start in something grand – it requires a starting point that often starts small. It can start with siblings, friends, groups, school clubs, and the workplace.  Camille Cruz, a participant of the Leadership and Management for Non-Profit Professionals fellowship program, discovered her leadership potential at a young age. She would create imaginary clubs where she […]

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Forging Leadership from Schools to Society

The beginning of a leadership journey Schools are one of the first avenues for young individuals to better understand themselves in terms of skills, personality, and aspirations, among other things. Through social interactions growing up, young people acquire knowledge and skills to develop themselves. This kind of experience has also shaped Daphne Marcelo in her path to development work and her leadership journey. Her time at school allowed her to […]

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