Atty. Arnel Casanova led the commencement of the Course on Building Smart and Green Cities and Towns in a Post-Pandemic World.

Last September 30 in the present year, Module 1 of the course on Building Smart and Green Cities and Towns in a Post-Pandemic World commenced. The first module of the course focused on Urban Strategy and Vision that guide the twenty-six (26) participants in understanding their cities and towns and adopting sustainable roadmaps towards their future development.

The course is facilitated by Atty. Arnel Casanova, Country Representative of AECOM Philippines and Former President and CEO of Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA). During the session, Atty. Arnel provided an overview of their strategies and vision in developing the 9,450 hectare Clark Green City. The aim was to create a destination where nature, lifestyle, business, education, and industry converge into a global city. Atty. Arnel highlighted the crucial role of technology as one of the drivers in building sustainable cities and towns. He also reminded LGUs to be wiser and more efficient in economic land utilization. He ended the session with the Ten Principles for Building Healthy Spaces which LGUs and practitioners may adopt towards building healthy, competitive, and sustainable cities and towns.

All throughout the course, Atty. Arnel will mentor the participants in creating a conceptual masterplan using sustainable and human centric-practices.

The session was attended by LGU officials, local planning and development officers, and private practitioners. The course offers 10-synchronous sessions every Wednesday and will run until December 2, 2020.

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