Becoming a strategic and effective leader: Leadership and Strategy in Organizations

In these times of crisis upon crisis, a leader must not only be effective, but also strategic and dynamic. The pandemic emphasized the need for leaders who know how to adapt in grave circumstances guided by sound and reasonable decisions. Even with great leadership skills, the call of times highlighted the need for strategies and techniques to help organizations and communities reach their ultimate goals. Leaders are called to continuously develop to be at par with arising situations. With these at hand, the Leadership and Strategy in Organizations course was formulated and implemented by the Jesse Robredo Institute for Leadership and Good Governance (JRILGG).

The month of July marked the start of the course as part of the JRILGG’s thrust of capacity-building among local government leaders, particularly in times of crisis. It is a multi module course that seeks to engage leaders with drive and passion for acquiring and developing relevant and innovative leadership and management skills for effective leading and engagement within organizations. A total of thirteen (13) local leaders from different provinces in the country participated in the program and took part in this transformative journey to equip them in their respective leadership roles.

On July 3, JRILGG welcomed 13 dynamic local leaders from different provinces to the first session of the Leadership and Strategy for Organizations.

Taking on the role of molding these leaders from various backgrounds, Mr. Harvey Keh, the Program Manager of the Jesse M. Robredo Foundation Inc. and Lead Convenor of Kaya Natin! Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership shared his expertise with his years of experience in leading organizations. 

Various areas of leadership became the focal point of the discussion of the six modules: (1) Making Better Decisions and Science of Persuasion; (2) Improving your Social Capital and the Art of Motivating Others; (3) Developing an Organizational Culture of Growth and Learning; (4) Leading in this Pandemic; (5) Managing a Crisis; and (6) Why Organizations Don’t Learn. In these sessions, Mr. Keh further shared valuable strategies and practical knowledge in leadership within organizations. Furthermore, participants reflected and shared among themselves their personal experiences, best practices, and points of improvement so they could learn from each other’s strategies. 

After its four (4) month journey, the course concluded on October 16, 2021. In its culmination, Mr. Keh left a reminder to the participants on the importance of lifelong learning as part of leadership development.

“Learning  is really a conscious effort and a conscious choice. I hope that when we continuously learn and grow as leaders, we embrace that in our leadership and in our journey.”

Mr. Harvey Keh, Course Facilitator

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