Eleven local leaders graduated in the second run of the Public Service and Leadership course last June 26.

Last June 26, the Jesse Robredo Institute for Leadership and Good Governance concluded the second run of the course on Reflections and Conversations about Public Service and Leadership. 

Participated by eleven (11) local leaders in government and NGOs, the course was designed to provide a space and time for young public leaders to look back at their leadership journey, using this reflection as an impetus to learning important competencies that can deepen their commitment, and propel them to serve their communities with greater impact.

To end the course, the class shared what they love the most in public service and the things they are doing when things get tough in public service. They also did the personal reflective exercise where they write down what they want to accomplish at the end of 2021 and what they will be at the end of 2022.

Atty. Myrish Cadapan-Antonio shared that the cohort provided a safe space for public servants to come together in openness, mutual respect, compassion, and deep listening to create a community of peer learning and support. 

I was deeply inspired by the class weekly conversations and rejuvenated in my call to service. Despite the challenges faced by our country, they give me so much hope. I look forward to the greater good they will do especially for the least of our citizens.

Atty. Myrish Cadapan-Antonio

Capping off their seven-week journey, the cohort revisited their motivations in service and joined the call for recommitment as they continue to work for the betterment of their communities.

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