Former Sec. Dinky Soliman shared her experience of bringing together various civic society organizations (CSOs) to lead a far-reaching food security response.

Former DSWD Secretary and JMRF Board Member Dinky Soliman shared her experience, insights, and learnings as a coalition builder during their food security and social protection programs for the most vulnerable areas and households in NCR during ALC Day 4.

During the session, Sec. Dinky highlights that the values of their shared vision are rooted in their experience and work they do. As they are the representatives of private sector institutions, civil society organizations, and volunteer groups who come together to assist the government in their response to Covid-19, they value the importance of truth, freedom, and respect for others rights. She also added the trust-building within the organization is crucial as leadership should be in collaboration. Sec. Dinky also mentioned the challenges they faced while responding in the pandemic. Data generation of the needs and problems of the people, disruption of food supply, limited mobility due to lockdown and different quarantine protocols, firming up working relationship with LGUs, and need of greater than capacity to respond are among others. With these challenges, she presented that recognizing the power of collective leadership, believing in your people’s roles and strengths, expanding your trust networks, acknowledging that you as a leader plays a multiple role, having a confident group who will tell you honest feedback, embracing the chaos, and having the courage to be vulnerable are important.

The fourth day of the course on Adaptive Leadership happened last September 22, 2020. The session underscored the importance of networking with other agencies and organizations to expand the participants’ bandwidth as leaders of their COVID initiatives. Also, the session called attention to that strong collaboration in crisis response must be seen not only within the government but also among civic actors in the grassroot level.

Adaptive Leadership in Times of COVID-19 Crisis is a six-module course facilitated by Mr. Jess Lorenzo, Executive Director of the SEAOIL Foundation.

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