1. Who are the courses for?

The courses are tailored-fit for a particular group to contextualize the lectures and focus group discussions. Interested applicants must fulfill the minimum qualifications listed under each course to be accepted.

2. What exactly are included in the courses?

Each session is comprised of (1) lectures from relevant experts and practitioners and (2) experience-sharing among guest lecturers and students. The Institute’s pool of professionals and experts will serve as permanent mentors to provide challenge, feedback, and support for the students. Relevant resource materials, modules, and workbooks will also be provided.

3. How long will be the duration of the entire course?

Each course is divided into six (6) sessions to be completed from three (3) to six (6) weeks.

4. How long will each session be?

Each session will usually last for at most two (2) hours.

5. How many students will be accepted per course?

Each course will limit the cohort to 20-25 students to maximize the learning and to facilitate effective sharing of ideas.

6. Can I apply in more than one course?

Yes, the courses are scheduled on different dates and times.

7. Is there an enrollment fee for the course?

Yes, each course requires a registration fee of Php 1,500. This amount covers the professional fees and resource materials for the course.

8. Can I pay the enrollment fee online?

Yes, online payment options are available. Our Secretariat will send instructions about the payment once accepted in the course.

9. Will there be a discount if I enroll in more than one course?

No, there will be a separate registration fee per course.

10. Will I receive an invoice upon payment?

Yes, the Secretariat will provide you an invoice to be sent via email.

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