LMNP concludes its first course on Bridging Leadership and Systems Thinking

Held last April 12, 2021, participants of the Leadership and Management for Non-Profit Professionals (LMNP) completed the first course of the program — Leadership 1: Bridging Leadership and Systems Thinking.

The course helps the participants to understand how Systems Thinking as a Bridging Leadership tool is used to effectively observe and understand the complex reality of challenges, and consequently produce effective, responsive, and sustainable interventions. The course also highlighted the importance of dialogue in multi-stakeholder engagement as it allows stakeholders to share different perspectives and come together with a consensus for collaborative action. Dialogue facilitates understanding and appreciation of shared reality with others, understanding and committing to what is required of everyone in the conversation, and together realizing the actions that are needed in response to the common challenge. 

During one of the sessions of the program, JRILGG invited Mr. Florenz Dean Cojuangco, the Program Manager of the National Resilience Council to share how he applied the BL tools in creating transformative solutions to community problems. Throughout his sharing, he stressed that as a people, we are bound together and interconnected. As we develop shared objectives, it is also important to cultivate shared responsibility among stakeholders to bring about strategic and sustainable actions. 

One of the highlights of the course is the presentation of the cohort’s public narratives believing  that leader’s stories are crucial in inspiring others, in changing the systems and mental models of the people. Leader’s narratives allow people to see and visualize the message of hope, urgency, and solidarity. Stories not only teach us to act but inspire us to act. Stories communicate the values through the language of the heart. 

Composed of eight synchronous sessions, the course helped the participants to identify and take personal responsibility for the challenges of transforming their organization into Learning Organizations. Through the concepts of Bridging Leadership and Systems Thinking, the cohort considers and commits to act on the call to leadership for individual and collective engagement in addressing identified challenges, and to identify priority interventions using personal and professional development tools to initiate and sustain transformative action at the individual and organizational levels. The course also allows the participants to develop their Leadership Development Plans to achieve personal and organizational milestones.

During the last session of the course, Mr. Bong Villamor, course facilitator, reminded the cohort that their leadership journey is a hero journey. He also congratulated the participants for completing Leadership 1 of the program. 

Congratulations to each and everyone for the completion of your first module under the Leadership and Management for Non-Profit Professionals Fellowship Program! It was a singular pleasure to become part of your leadership journey, and my heart swells with pride and inspiration for what you have achieved thus far in pursuit of your passion for our country’s well-being and the welfare  of our people. I am in awe of what you have to offer still, and my prayers go with you as you help us navigate these difficult times in the history of our nation. Your engagement and continuing commitment gives me hope for a better future. Padayon!

Mr. Bong Villamor, LMNP Course Facilitator

LMNP is a one-year online fellowship program of the Jesse Robredo Institute for Leadership and Good Governance. It is designed to prepare nonprofit professionals in taking on leadership roles that will enable them to effectively forward their organizations’ causes, this program aims to develop and equip them with knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) in certain areas of leadership, management, and organizational development. Through interactive sessions and workshops, the program aims to create a network of nonprofit leaders who will learn to collaborate and work together to solve societal problems.

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