OVP Usec. Boyet Dy and Kaya Natin! Lead Convener Harvey Keh talked about leading organizations in times of crisis.

Day 5 of the Course on Adaptive Leadership in Times of COVID-19 Crisis concluded last September 24, 2020. Focused on how adaptive organizations respond to the crisis, the session featured two organizations that have launched pivotal COVID initiatives in terms of redefining governance, public service, and bayanihan: the Office of the Vice President and Kaya Natin! Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership.

Kaya Natin Lead Convener Mr. Harvey Keh talked about how the organization harnesses opportunities in times of crisis to continue with their advocacy of promoting effective, ethical, and empowering leadership. As an adaptive organization, their agility enabled them to be responsive to the needs of the times as seen in their various COVID initiatives with the Office of the Vice President.

OVP Chief of Staff, Usec. Philip Dy highlighted how the organization’s investment in their people is reflected in the success and impact of their programs. The Office’s nimbleness and keenness to current problems moved them from one gap to another, offering and actualizing solutions with the limited resources that they have. These qualities are driven by their top leadership’s sense of urgency and empathy—a leadership brand that thrives in crisis situations such as the present pandemic.

Both speakers demonstrated how adaptive leadership gives the work back to the people—empowering the people while engendering courage to co-own the issues.

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