Participants Journey Towards #CreativeForLife

What does it mean to be creative?

Last March 26, participants of the Creative for Life Workshop ended their six-day journey towards creativity. For six intensive sessions, individuals from different walks of life came together to uncover, identify, and set aside the blocks that stand in the way of their creativity. By introducing and instilling practices and habits that will keep the participants creative and ready to embrace change in everyday life, the workshop moved them to open and broaden their perspectives as they interact with the world and make sense of their experiences.

The workshop was designed and facilitated by Mr. Jim Paredes, a renowned and practicing creative engaged in songwriting, record producing, arranging, and performing with the APO Hiking Society. A lecturer, motivator, and published writer, Mr. Paredes has been facilitating various types of workshops for companies and organizations in the past decades. This workshop anchored on techniques every successful, working creative employs, including his practices as a successful, multi-faceted artist and personality in the Philippine industry. These have proven to be effective in dealing with blocked individuals, most especially those who find themselves in a creative rut.

Everyone is born creative.

Participants were reminded that creativity resides within their core—it is their inherent nature. As they progress in their lives, however, the man-made constraints imposed upon them by people, institutions, and society, in general, result to blocks and thus prevent them from unlocking their creative potentials. According to Mr. Paredes, “To claim back our innate creativity involves a deep understanding of our creative and spiritual nature.” Participants were challenged to take a step back from their regular lives, to get in touch with themselves through self-reflection, and to be present in every interactions and experiences they encounter.

Anything they pay attention to is a portal to new engagement and opportunities. If one truly ‘lives in the moment’, there are so many portals that can drive them into greater appreciation of things. When creative people enter these spaces, they integrate and enrich them to be part of themselves.

Experiences that would expand us, and thus lead to creativity, must come from love.

Mr. Paredes also discussed how love creates spaciousness and brings abundance to one’s life. By becoming open to new experiences, embracing change and spontaneity, and being sincere with our interactions, abundance creates a world that is bigger and more accepting—a training ground for them to unearth the creative within.

Throughout the workshop, Mr. Paredes shared five rules that the participants can apply on how they think, see, and act towards the world. He left them with the challenge of discovering more rules for themselves as they live mindfully and deliberately in the years to come. As the workshop came to an end, creativity has become a vessel of happiness, contentment, and purposiveness in living. This is what it meant to be #CreativeForLife.

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