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Leadership and Management for Non-Profit Professionals brings out a new breed of Design Thinkers.

After completing the module on Leadership, Ethics, and Accountability, the LMNP cohort moved to a new module last October on Design Thinking. From October 11 to November 8, 2021, four weekly sessions were held to introduce design thinking and its possibilities in innovating solutions. To unpack the module, the topics consisted of: (1) Principles of Design Thinking; (2) Basics of Conducting Design Research; (3) Ideation Techniques; (4) Localizing Design Thinking. […]

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Mr. Prilles shared the Critical Role of Institution, City Governance, and Leadership in Building Sustainable Cities and Towns during SGCT culmination.

The culminating activity of the course on Building Smart and Green Cities and Towns in a Post-Pandemic World was held last December 2. The last module discussed the critical role of an institution, city governance, and leadership. It was joined by Mr. Wilfredo Prilles, Jr., City Development and Planning Coordinator of Naga City LGU as the guest lecturer and Vice President Maria Leonor Robredo as the keynote speaker. During the […]

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