Twenty-six local leaders graduated in Public Service and Leadership course last December 20.

Held last December 20, the last module of the course on Reflections and Conversations about Public Service and Leadership gives time for the participants to understand their personal strengths and learn ways of effectively leading through them. They also recommitted to their call to service and the motivations that push them to continue serving with greater impact. 

Life is about successes and failures. Actually, more failures than successes, hindi lang napa-publish ang failures… kasi nga contextually we really like positive stories, pero sa totoo lang success will never happen if there was no challenge that came within.


During the session, the participants elaborated their Clifton Strengthsfinder results. Clifton Strengthsfinder is one of the online measures of personal talent that identifies where an individual’s greatest potential for building strength exists. The results are used as a starting point in the identification of personal talents to help an individual discover how to build upon those talents for growth. To uncover team strengths and discover their co-participants individual strength, they were divided into groups to share their reactions and reflections with their results. After the discussion within the group, the class did the debrief exercise. The exercise allows them with similar motivation drives to present collectively how their strengths show up within work.  Atty. Myrish highlighted that their Strengthsfinder result is not only the yardstick or parameter of their leadership. It is one way and a tool for reflection on where they are and what they are at a certain circumstance in leadership. 

It’s very useful but also dangerous if you want to define yourselves  based on these strengths that are determined by an exam for 15 to 20 minutes. This is a tool that I thought you could take as a self-reflection tool. 


To end the course, the class went to the recommitment part where they look forward to sharing what they love the most in public service and the things they are doing when things get tough in public service. They also did the personal reflective exercise where they write down what they want to accomplish at the end of 2021 and what they will be at the end of 2022.

We will make sure we will remember the most important 2022 goal of the cohort. 


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