VP Leni stressed the importance of having long-term solutions in disaster mitigation during SGCT culmination.

The culminating activity of the course on Building Smart and Green Cities and Towns in a Post-Pandemic World was held last December 2. For the second half of the activity, VP Leni Robredo delivered her keynote message. She underscored the importance of the course in the current situation. 

During her speech, she emphasized that a long-term solution is crucial for disaster mitigation. She reminds the participants that having projects for disaster mitigation takes not just funds. It includes planning, research, and having a strategic design mindset that takes the view of development.

With the degree of devastation and severe impact brought by the recent typhoons, it should prompt us to retain our assumption on sustainable urban design.


VP Leni highlighted that sometimes the best solution comes from the ground. Leaders need to engage their people in building sustainable cities and towns.  One of the significant roles of the leaders is to listen and ensure that people will be able to see their stake; their part in a bigger context. She reiterated that having a disaster-proof plan is essential in building a resilient community. 

I believe that the Philippines could build a thriving and prosperous community where no one is left behind, where people lift each other, where spaces reflect who we are, people are caring and community-driven. Careful planning, good governance, everyone’s involvement could bring what is best in the community, and LGUs role is crucial towards achieving this, she added.

Towards the end, she encouraged the participants to use their learnings in the course to bring their people together in building smart and green cities and towns.

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